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Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT) (http://www.y4pt.org/) is a Belgium-based international nonprofit nongovernmental youth-led pro-sustainable-transport organization created by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) (http://www.uitp.org/) as its "Parent Organization", and sustained by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of the Emirate of Dubai (http://www.rta.ae/) and Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM) S.p.A. (http://www.fnmgroup.it/) as its "Honorary Founding Members".
In 2005 Y4PT  was created by the UITP, which is the only international spokesperson for the whole public transport sector, with more than 132 years of knowledge and experience in advocating sustainable mobility worldwide, and in representing the interests of all sorts of stakeholders, including authorities, operators, supply industry, academic/research centers, among others.
Y4PT encourages the active participation of young people to advocate sustainable mobility by promoting the integrated use of public transport along with other means and modes of transport, in order to seek a greater welfare and a better quality of life for all people throughout the world.
Y4PT advocates and communicates on sustainable mobility from a youth approach. Furthermore Y4PT fosters employment, education and participation opportunities for young people in the transport-related mobility sector worldwide.
For doing so Y4PT strives and is meant to be "THE" main channel of promotion, communication, education, employment and participation for youth on transport-related mobility issues. As such it acts as:
  • "THE" global pro-sustainable-mobility youth movement
  • "THE" global youth spoke-person on sustainable mobility
  • "THE" global youth platform on sustainable mobility
  • "THE" global pro-sustainable-mobility youth network
  • "THE" global youth forum on sustainable mobility
  • "THE" global center of "young knowledge" on sustainable mobility
  • "THE" global bank of opportunities for youth in the transport-related mobility sector
Since its inception Y4PT has engaged all its efforts to address sustainability and innovation in the whole transport sector from the point of view of youth, which has led to different concrete activities such as:
  • #Y4PThackathon: The world's first-ever global transport hackathon series, following the long-standing tradition of Y4PT Youth Labs, to bring youth-led innovation to the transport sector worldwide and to foster entrepreneurship among young people.
  • #HealthyMobility: A global framework initiative aiming at unveiling the link between transport and health from an holistic point of view, addressing different global challenges such as modal shift, air pollution, greenhouse gases emissions, nutrition, road safety, among others.
  • #Y4PTawards: Praising best youth-related projects/initiatives in the transport-related mobility sector worldwide, initiated and supported by UITP Members and other transport/youth-related stakeholders. It is meant to provide deep inspiration for taking further actions in favor of sustainable mobility and young people. It is an effective way to share best practices and lessons learned, and to transfer meaningful knowledge and experience in a see-through way among the wide range of transport-related mobility stakeholders.
  • #Idearium: It shows to all UITP members and other stakeholders a compendium of the wide range of innovative ideas that young people from all over the world have put forward over time.
  • Other Y4PT-led projects: http://www.y4pt.org/projects

Y4PT is supported by the UITP, and is sustained by its members and other stakeholders around the world.

Y4PT is officially incorporated (registered) as a legal person (foundation) in accordance with the Law of the Kingdom of Belgium.

For further information, please contact:

Mrs. Alessandra GORINI - Co-Founder and Executive Director - Y4PT-UITP Foundation
Mrs. Alessandra GORINI
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Y4PT-UITP Foundation
Main Roles: Responsible for Public Relations, Advocacy, Communications, Marketing Management
Mr. Sebastián PERNET - Co-Founder and Treasurer - Y4PT-UITP Foundation
Mr. Sebastián PERNET
Y4PT-UITP Foundation
Main Roles: Responsible for Knowledge, Learning, Research and Development, Operations Management

Y4PT Headquarters: Rue Sainte-Marie 6, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, BRU, 1080, Belgium, Europe

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