Training portfolio

This portfolio gives an overview of programmes we can deliver - either as classroom trainings or customised programmes. All training content, format, methodologies and length can be customised and new products can be developed depending on the company's needs and interests.

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Planning, Operations, Infrastructure

  • Accessibility 
  • BRT and Bus Priority Schemes
  • Bus Planning & Scheduling
  • Parking Management
  • Planning, Design and Construction of Urban Rail Systems
  • Service Quality & Excellence
  • Urban Rail Operation & Maintenance

Innovation and Technology

  • Autonomous Mobility 
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS) 
  • Taxi and Mobile Apps, Sharing Economy and Innovation
  • Transport Network Companies (TNCs)

Security & Safety

  • Cyber Security 
  • Emergency Preparedness & Crisis Management
  • Security & Risk Assessment

Marketing and Design

  • Information Design, Signage and Wayfinding

Senior Management & HR

  • Human Resources Management
  • Leaders in Urban Transport Planning

Policy, Planning, Funding & Regulation

  • Formalisation of Informal Transport
  • Integration of Urban Planning and Public Transport
  • Regulation and Operations of Taxi Transport 
  • Urban Mobility Planning


  • Bus Transport Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Public Transport Organising Authoriites
  • Fundamentals of Trolleybus Systems
  • Public Transport Fundamentals 
  • Taxi Transport Fundamentals
  • Urban Rail Transport Fundamentals


  • Bus Diploma Programme
  • Diploma Programme for Managers in Public Transport (yearlong course)
  • Diploma Programme on New Mobility Services


  • Public Transport Development Programme (with Job Attachment)

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