Qualified trainers 

Quality training starts with the right trainers. That is why UITP pays special attention to having qualified trainers delivering our courses. All our trainers are public transport experts with on-the-ground professional experience in their field of work. They are carefully selected; receiving methodological support on training and continuous performance monitoring through an evaluation system. When necessary, trainers are selected and briefed to address regional challenges.

Become a trainer for UITP

With the current growing number of training programmes at UITP, the number of trainers needs to be increased and their expertise, origins and languages diversified.  We are looking not only to recruit qualified trainers to deliver our courses but also give an opportunity to professionals and experts from the transport sector to develop their training skills and become a trainer for UITP. 

Our Trainers Qualification Scheme aims at centralising the registration of trainers and at facilitating the monitoring of their development on the long term. As such it introduces a compulsory online registration system and establishes a trainer identification, selection and tracking process allowing continuous follow up of the activities of all our trainers. It also proposes new tools for the development of training methodology and techniques. Finally it allows professional development for our guest trainers, first by becoming a ‘UITP Qualified trainer’ and then by giving the possibility to evolve towards a ‘UITP Lead Trainer’.  

How to apply?

1. please download and read carefuly the Trainer Qualification Scheme  and the Trainer Competency Framework.

2. Register online and upload the following documents: your CV, a short abstract and presentation material in a related subject from past trainings, event or similar activities.


3. We will contact you if there is a training opportunity that matches your profile.

For more information please contact Adrien Moulin, Senior Manager, UITP Academy, 


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