Benefits of training

UITP Training Programmes to  improve the performance of your organisation

Improve your background knowledge

  •  Broaden the skills with international and theoretical content
  •  Learn more about transport and sustainable mobility principles
  •  Stand back from day-to-day work and get the broader picture

Broaden your skills through best practice and on-the ground experience sharing

  • Improve your capacities to better understand the real day-to-day work and challenges in other transport companies
  • Get an insight into best & worst practice
  • Exchange and get feedback from experienced transport professionals  

Learn from others through exchange and interaction

  • Attend interactive plenary sessions
  • Take part in exercises on real and theoretical cases
  • Join a platform conducive to interaction between participants

Meet your peers and develop your network

  • Meet people from different transport stakeholders worldide
  • Discover and understand the jobs of others
  • Get the most of inner circles formed by small groups of participants  

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