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Investments in public transport are expected to grow substantially across the world, particularly in developing countries. Building infrastructure and upgrading technology is a necessary but not sufficient condition to make public transport work sustainably. The sector requires investment in human resources, capacity building and competence development and must take into consideration ever increasing quality standards and expectations from customers.

Training and development provide both, the company and employees, with benefits that make the cost and time spent a worthwhile investment. It enhances the skills of an employee and increases his or her commitment to the job and organisation. It helps the employee better understand the purpose of the job and allows to improve performance, hence reducing cost and supervisory need in the company and leading to higher productivity and service quality.

UITP recognises training as a strategic field to develop given the amount of knowledge and expertise available among member companies throughout the world. Over the last years the number of training programmes organised by UITP has grown exponentially with trainings being held in more than 40 countries and attracting participants from not less than 90 countries so far. We also joined forces with a number of strategic partners like the World Bank, world prestigious universities and major local transport stakeholders with the establishment of UITP Centres for Transport Excellence to boost the training programmes in the Middle-East and North Africa and Asia-Pacific regions.

UITP’s training programmes are given by expert managers and leading industry figures to ensure the highest possible quality of teaching. The programmes are an excellent opportunity to discover the latest innovations shaping the industry, broaden your knowledge of a specific topic or even the opportunity to learn from best practices via technical visits. UITP training programmes are also the ideal chance to meet and exchange ideas with other like-minded professionals from all over the world.   

Whatever your requirements, UITP is on hand to equip your business and its staff with the tools they need to succeed.

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